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WEBINAR: Immuno-Oncology: Identification and TCRm Targeting of HLA-Peptide Complexes

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William Hildebrand, Ph.D., Chief Scientist, Pure MHC, LLC

William Hildebrand, Ph.D.,
Chief Scientist, Pure MHC, LLC

During the webinar, the Dr. Hildebrand will:

        • Discuss a means of integrating considerable tumor heterogeneity into both target discovery and antibody screening
    • Describe how parallel methods for assessing HLA/tumor antigen copy number are incorporated into both antigen discovery and antibody targeting applications
    • Demonstrate the natural role of HLA antigens in revealing tumor cells for immune recognition
    • Explain how Pure MHC platform technologies are positioned to provide a robust pipeline of immuno-oncology targets for both broad and personalized therapies.

Dr. Hildebrand has been characterizing the Major Histocompatibility Complex (MHC) for 30 years and the human leukocyte antigens (HLA) since 1990.  As a Postdoctoral Scholar in the lab of Dr. Peter Parham at Stanford University, he studied the impact of HLA diversity on disease outcomes, and in 1993 he started a laboratory at the University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center that has two components: (1) an ASHI/CLIA clinical lab that HLA types transplant patients and research samples including humanized mice for studies of immuno-oncology, and (2) a research laboratory that comparatively analyzes naturally loaded ligands harvested from the HLA of healthy and unhealthy cells.

In 1999 Dr. Hildebrand founded Pure Protein, LLC, and in 2003 two additional subsidiary companies, Pure Transplant and Pure Vaccine Solutions which, when merged with the technology of Receptor Logic Inc. in 2013, gave rise to the creation of Pure MHC, LLC.  The “Pure” companies were founded on the principle that a ready source of native HLA proteins can contribute to modulating and understanding autoimmune, transplant, allergy, pathogen, and vaccine-derived immune responses.  Pure MHC embodies Dr. William Hildebrand’s vision for the future of MHC research and development by offering breakthrough therapeutic target discovery and validation with further drug and assay development applications.

More Information:

T cells naturally target cancerous cells via HLA/peptide complexes.  Here we describe two platform technologies that (1) identify HLA/peptide complexes distinct to cancerous cells and (2) provide monoclonal antibodies reactive with tumor associated HLA/peptide complexes.  The discovery of HLA/peptide targets distinct to cancer cells and the successful pursuit of these targets using monoclonal antibodies that mimic the T Cell Receptor (TCRm) must address the challenges of tumor heterogeneity, target copy number, and the personalized aspects of immune therapies.  Having discussed tumor associated HLA/peptide complexes and TCRm antibodies with more than 30 companies at the June 2015 International BIO meeting in Philadelphia, we present in this webinar our meeting notes describing the challenges and advantages of approaching immuno-oncology via HLA/peptide complexes and TCRm mAb.

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