TCRm Technology


T Cell Receptor mimics (TCRms) are monoclonal antibodies targeted against the HLA/peptide complexes presented on diseased cells. They are soluble antibodies that function like a T-Cell receptor in that they recognize the peptide presented in the HLA groove (versus the 3D topology of the complete protein from which the peptide comes) and call elicit the downstream T-cell immune effectors. TCRms can be used for Passive Therapeutic Antibodies or T-Cell Eliciting Vaccines in their unmodified form or they may be augmented by converting them to an antibody-drug conjugate (ADC) or a biospecific antibody to amplify targeting to tissues of interest.

Pure MHC TCRms are characterized by the following superior qualities:

  • TCRms are classic mAbs: immunogenicity, toxicity, off-target effects, regulatory path can be determined
  • Internalization of TCRm upon binding to HLA/peptide complexes has been demonstrated
  • Direct cell killing with naked TCRm by all three major pathways (ADCC, CDC, apoptosis) has been observed
  • Can be easily augmented for other platforms: ADCs, bispecifics, CAR-T technologies, etc.
  • Some TCRms have been observed to cross the BBB

The Pure MHC Difference

Pure MHC has solved the challenge of reproducibility by its innovative, patent-pending methodologies for generating high affinity, high specificity mAbs with TCR specificity. Further, Pure MHC-produced TCRms have been shown to induce tumor specific cytotoxicity through direct and effector-mediated mechanisms.

End Uses (including but not limited to):



  • Therapeutic Development
  • Copy Number Determination
  • HLA/peptide complex-specific cell staining
  • Vaccine potency assay
  • Other Preclinical Assay development


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